There was no internal debate about this.
There’s one thing that I am, and that’s real. What I’ve been saying and singing all along has always come from the heart.
I knew I’d lose my job. Accepted that.
This is a job I took a big chance to get. This is a job that I paid for the training for out of my own pocket, before I was hired, not after.
This is a job that did not pay a lot but that I liked, with medical, lots of vacation days, etc.
This is a job that to this day I am banned from for refusing what I deem to be dangerous and ineffective shots.
My job is not all I lost though. I lost my chance at affordable housing in an artist building a mere 10 minute walk from where I worked and from Central Park.
They emailed me right after I was fired. My number had come up. It was time to begin the procedure. Disqualified for being unemployed.
Never compromise.
If you believed deep in your heart that taking those shots was right, and you took them, good for you. You have my respect.
If you knew that it was not the right thing to do, but you took it so you could tour, or continue to work where you were working, sorry, but you do not have my respect.
If you made the wrong decision and now are sorry, you have my support.
I do not care whether you took the shots or not. I am simply glad that when that test came my way, I found I did exactly what I always said I’d do. I stood up the the bully.
The NYC museums are still banning guards that have not gotten the shots, or else they just are not willing to have anyone work for them that is a reminder that some refused.
Some are ashamed that they caved. I mean people who said the shots were dangerous and yet capitulated to the bullies. That’s their business, not mine.
I may or may not end up in a homeless shelter (been there before), but that does not bother me at all.
I can live with that, if it happens. What I would not have been able to live with is the knowledge that I sold out when put under pressure.
You may not like me, but you respect me. I guarantee it. You have no choice in the matter.
We must do what we know to be right, always. For myself, that entailed refusing those shots.
Good luck to you all.

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