2024. The last election? Maybe.

There’s a chance, I believe, that one of three things may happen by 2028.

The first is there may be a nuclear war which destroys the country and the people in it.

The second is the United States may un-unite, break apart into different entities with different leaders.

The third, as unlikely as it may seem today, is that the U.S. may be one day ruled by a king, a queen, or a dictator.

This election coming up may be the last one.

The more Trump is harassed, the better his chances of being elected President in ’24. That’s how I see it anyway.

Now, there may be ballot rigging, or there may be some other move made to not honor the results, but I’d say chances are good he’ll be elected, all things on the up and up.

This is not a prophecy. It’s a guess based on what little I have seen so far.

If he is elected, I suspect he will go for revenge against those that have harassed him, and some of them may go to prison, whereas I doubt Trump will.

The world is a lie and every government is out for itself, not the people.

Also, Republicans and Democrats are two versions of the same thing. The chances of an Independent winning are close to zero, but that would not matter either, as an Independent would be a third version of the same thing.

Any real freedom lies outside of this entire system.


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