I realize that nothing exists, in an absolute sense, yet I personify that nothing and sometimes call that nothing the Lord in Heaven, so as to be able to pray to that nothing.
 I figure it is okay, since I am human.
 If I am personifying nothing (my intuition, love, truth), then it needs an appearance.
 What does the Lord in Heaven look like? What’s the right image for me to have in my head?
 Perhaps he is strong, long bearded, infinitely patient, loves me unconditionally and therefore cuts me NO slack. Perhaps he is masculine, virile, focused, honest.
 Do you ever do this?
 Do you ever wish you could simply leave Earth and sit with this Lord and listen to him council you one on one?
 If you are a woman, would you prefer the Lordess in Heaven? Is she feminine?
 Can this be done? If we lay down, close our eyes, and request direct communication, will we be accommodated?
 I believe the answer is “yes”, but if we block what is being told to us, we will not hear it.
 The Lord in Heaven is not withholding valuable information, nor is he refusing to help or guide you. There are NO secrets.
 Either you hear the voice clearly, or you are still lying to yourself in some way.
 When/If we are not clear on what the right thing to do is, rest assured it is US that is blocking. No requested guidance is being withheld. “Knock, and the door shall be opened.”
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