Is it possible that people taking this "vaccine" is the CAUSE of all of these mutations and variants?
Would the whole thing be over with if no one had taken any gene therapy shots?
 I am asking? I have heard that it is not wise to vaccinate for something while that something is in full swing, for this very reason.
 (That does not even include the factor, which is a separate thing, that this "vaccine" does not even fit the definition of a vaccine, and is NOT like the polio vaccine, etc. Again, from what I have read and heard.)
 Are the "vaccinated" making it worse for everyone, "vaccinated" and un-"vaccinated" alike?
 My guess is "yes", but I am not sure. I could be wrong.

 All of you who have taken the "vaccine" and believe in it's efficacy, are you planning on taking booster shots for the rest of your life?
 If you are giving it to your pre-teen daughters, are you working out what you might say to them fifteen years from now if the shots make them infertile? What if it kills them? "Yes, but what if Covid kills them?" I hear that is extremely unlikely. "I hear them becoming infertile from the shots is extremely unlikely". Okay. We are at an impasse then.

 I obviously believe the negatives far outweigh the positives, in regard to taking this shot. I lost my job, my sole source of income, by taking a stand against the mandate. I HAVE NO INCOME. I must be pretty convinced of something. That was my livelihood. It was also a job that I paid for schooling and licenses to get. I had finally saved some money, having once been homeless and then having been $10,000 in credit card debt. I had no plans to leave that low-paying job unless I one day found a better one. I felt at home there. I had a decent benefits package, as well, where as I now have no medical insurance.

 Lines are being drawn. How could they not be?
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