“It’s weird though that they end the mandate but if a businesses want to keep it they can. Again, zero logic.”
You are thinking like a rational person with no hidden agendas.
In fact, it makes perfect sense if you consider that the politicians do not want the political consequences of these mandates here in America, with non-Presidential (Governor, etc.) elections soon to take place. They want the mandate, but would like for the businesses to take the blame off of their backs.
Republicans (right wing) were mostly against the mandates, and they are probably going to take over the Senate soon. The Democrats (left wing, now heavily into government interventions, etc.) were mostly for lock downs and mandates and they are probably about to lose their majority power, and both sides know the mandates are becoming more and more unpopular as more and more people realize the ineffectiveness and dangers involved in taking these shots.
Democrats are acting confident, perhaps, but they are afraid, and rightly so.
This is not just an American thing. Look at Sweden. Look at Italy. This is, at least to some extent, a direct consequence of the left wing, punishing people that were against these “vaccines”. People lost their jobs, and some lost family members, to covid yes, but also to the “vaccines”.
Those in power, all over the world, attempted to use the recent pandemic, which was most likely made in a lab, to further their power over the people. People, at least some, are figuring they are done voting for these types of people. In other words, as usual, those in power overplayed their hand and will now largely be booted out.
I wish we’d quit swinging and settle into a common-sense-based form of governance. Under the circumstances, I pick Republican over Democrat though, and like numerous other people, I would have never thought that possible.
Note that I was fired due to these mandates, and am still unemployed because of them.
Keep in mind also that the left wing (or at least that is what they call themselves) have largely not spoken out against the chemical castration of children. The right has.

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