What a trip Mr. Jones is. So many mistakes, so many errors, and yet so brilliant and clairvoyant at times.

I will say this, I trust him a hell of a lot more than I trust someone like Barack Obama. At least Alex is sincere. He’s less articulate than Obama, but more authentic. I’ll take authenticity and sincerity over calculatedness and technical speaking proficiency any day or night.

The new book, The Great Reset, is the first book of his I have ever read. It is more measured and sure-footed than his off-the-cuff dialogues (and occasional rants). I was a little surprised.

He makes some guesses and assumptions which may be long shots, but overall he makes a compelling argument that, as he has been saying for over a decade, there is an agenda that numerous very wealthy and powerful people have to create a new world order, and use the masses as slaves.

Maybe half the book is simply quotes from these people, followed by Alex’s thoughts of what these quotes might mean and insinuate.

I believe he may be off a little here and there, but who isn’t?

I have a lot of respect for Alex Jones, the sometimes crazy, sometimes drunk(?) prophet. At least he’s alive inside, unlike someone like Joe Biden who has spent his whole life (far as I can tell) saying “yes” blindly to whatever would further his career. Biden has no ethics, no sense of nobility, and no backbone like Alex does.

Alex is a nut sometimes, but he is for real.

I enjoyed the book and can recommend it to anyone interested in this subject matter.

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Christopher Hite
9 months ago

Don’t forget Jones is a multi millionaire and he made that money off of getting people to believe him without questioning him…he does not have a care in the world, whereas you and I must always worry about something….we don’t have to but we have to think about these things at least. He is also a conspiracy theorist who comes up with theories that are absolutely off the wall…but people support him and send him money nonetheless. People can believe whatever they want to believe…that’s everyone’s right, but it doesn’t give it validity.