I met with a woman at the Hospital where I was recently a patient, this morning. She was kind, patient, and honestly interested in helping me as much as she could, and boy did she help.
I don’t know if she has internal access to the Medicaid system or not, but it was almost like she was a Medicaid employee herself.
First off, she listened as I gave a brief description of my past, of my hospital stays, my health condition, and of my bank account balances.

During this time, she looked at me and listened. She did not get on the computer or do anything else until I was finished.

After that, she got on the computer and started working. She ran into a problem within my Medicaid files, so she placed a phone call and got the problem solved. She went back to what she had been doing and within another 15 minutes I had been approved for Medicaid. I was told Medicaid will be paying any hospital bills I have had in the last three months.

This woman was awesome.

I spent hours attempting to get Medicaid before going to see her. I spent 20+ hours just on researching how to do it. I mailed packages, and letters, and I spent 6+ hours emailing people, and I messaged the Mayor through the website’s message form (twice). I worried for a week or more, before finally stopping the research and letting it go after realizing I was not resting and the worrying was messing me up.

In one hour, this amazing woman did all I had attempted to do.

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