No surgeries.

Numerous tests.

Intravenous feeds.



2 days/nights, and two days later, 2 days/nights.

4 days/nights total.

Bill, so far: $103,000.

Bed and food alone: $12,000 per day/night.

That, I suspect, is what they would have billed the insurance company.

I had no insurance, so they are billing me that.

There are numerous ways to seek aid on paying this though.

One is applying for Medicaid. If approved, and if it has been less than 90 days since the procedure(s) (Once approved?), they may retroactively pay the bill.

This is what I have done. Applied.

The hospital also provided an application for financial aid.

I filled it out and returned it.

There is no doubt that hospitals have costs, probably above what most people are aware of.

Equipment, cleaning, real estate costs, doctors, physician’s assistants, registered nurses, people to wheel you about, etc.

All of these things must be bought and maintained. People need to be paid.

If you, or an offspring of your’s, has trained to be a physician’s assistant, you probably hold the opinion that he/she should earn a decent amount of money.

So, lots of costs.

$12,000 a day/night for bed and food alone though?

Maybe. It is Manhattan I am talking about.

Seems excessive, but maybe it is not.

Not going into why I ended up there. Just going to tell you that I am, at the proper pace, recovering. It was not a one problem thing. It, perhaps, initially had one cause, but it was a full-body emergency of sorts. One which my past actions caused. I take full responsibility for ending up in that state.

Fortunately, I have an opportunity to perhaps heal every single thing I damaged. My whole body, in essence.

It is a blessing to still be alive and to have this opportunity to fix what I broke.

I am on the road to healing. I began over a week ago.

Again, consider me, Barry N. Bliss, blessed, for I am.


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Brian Speaker
3 months ago

<3 Love you Barry Bliss! Heal well, my friend.