I own two of the novels in the Sanction series.
 One of them I read a few pages of about a week ago, maybe the very night he went on his spree.
 I found out about this because I searched YouTube to see if there were any recent interviews with him. It took me a few minutes to figure out what was going on.
 I have been unsure as to whether reading his book was a wise use of time. The writing is a bit of a mixed bag. 
 I've had the novels for months and have only read about 50 pages of the first one, so I have only been picking at it, but I have been reading it.
 I do not know what his reasons were for targeting these people. I know there was some talk of him having been ripped off by business partners once upon a time. I know the world is full of liars so it's often hard to know what the whole story is. Maybe we mortals are never privy to the whole story.
 Will I keep reading Sanction? I do not know, to be honest.

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