Bitcoin. Hold it too long and you will end up with nothing, in regard to it's value.
 Soon as the power goes out, and especially once it stays out, the only thing left will be all of the damage done by using extensive amounts of energy (coal, etc.) to "mine" this cryptocurrency.
 I am not a cryptocurrency expert. I barely understand any of it, but it depends on electricity, right?
 In it's current formation, it also depends on there being an up and running internet, right? An internet not totally under government control, as well, right?
 There will be no internet one day, not on the toxic, human-made web.
 The power grid will be no more.
 Wind and solar won't replace the burning of fossil fuels. Not entirely, and even that is limited, since you cannot build wind turbines and solar panels without rare metals, a lot of energy expenditure, and upkeep.
 What will be our forms of exchange? Probably gold, silver, and barter, maybe some paper currency backed by gold.
 No one will trust anything else, at least not after being burned once or twice.
 Any and everything that depends on the power grid, or the internet, will not be there. This might happen sooner than you think.
 Flying cars? Not in our future. (I refer you to the writings of John Michael Greer.)
 50 story residential buildings made of glass and metal? Nope. (I refer you to the writings of James Howard Kunstler.)
 Amazon deliveries? By horse and cart maybe, but how will you order stuff, by mail?
 People living on Mars? If they act soon enough, while there is still enough energy to build and send a person(s) to Mars, it is possible one or two people will live there for a few days, before dying. (The amount of energy and materials it would take to do this hubristic thing would only increase how fast our Earthly infrastructure falls apart, for good.)
 Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are not visionaries with great plans and ideas for the future, they are truly lacking in vision, and are blind to the inevitability of the power grid as we know it, going down, for good. They are refusing to acknowledge that there will not be enough resources (metal, etc.) to create the glitz-world they have in mind.
 Musk lacks true vision. If anything, he is living in the past, not the future. A past where there was one-time-only cheap energy.
 Ideally, we need to live in the present. That's where all the answers are.
 The visionaries are people like Greer and Kunstler, neither of whom are perfect, of course, as none of us are.
 Bitcoin? Sell it soon, if you have it.
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