New Album Soon

November 10, 2022By Barry BlissMusic

If all goes according to plan, I will have a new album on bandcamp on November 23rd, 2022. It is tentatively titled Gone. My go-to man, Brian Speaker will be over here from Germany and he’ll be doing the producing/engineering, as has been the case with my albums for the last ten years or so. … Read More

House/Senate, Voting Machines

October 24, 2022By Barry BlissCurrent Affairs/Politics

As you have probably seen, there’s all kinds of polls about who will take control of the House and Senate. Some still say Democrats will have it. Wasn’t it polls that predicted Clinton would win? Those polls aren’t worth much. Personally, I believe the Republicans are going to take control over both, and maybe by … Read More

Book: The Greatest Evil is War, by Chris Hedges

October 14, 2022By Barry BlissReviews

I have probably read every article Hedges has published on the internet in the last 10 years. Far as I know, I have read all of his books, except for the one that was a compilation of articles, which I figured I’d already read. He’s one of my favorites in the non-fiction current affairs category. … Read More

What Would Freud Say?

October 1, 2022By Barry BlissObservation(s)

A male, approximately 25 years old, stepped on to the subway train. He was in a name brand jacket, name brand boots, and a doo rag. He was about 100 pounds overweight. He sat down, pulled out his phone and stared at it, while sucking his thumb. He took his thumb out of his mouth … Read More

Alex Jones–His New Book, Etc.

September 22, 2022By Barry BlissReviews

What a trip Mr. Jones is. So many mistakes, so many errors, and yet so brilliant and clairvoyant at times. I will say this, I trust him a hell of a lot more than I trust someone like Barack Obama. At least Alex is sincere. He’s less articulate than Obama, but more authentic. I’ll take … Read More

Telling you here: Glad I Refused Those Shots

September 6, 2022By Barry BlissMy Life, Health

I was reading about a news anchor that had a health problem of some kind, speculated to be the beginnings of a stroke, while on air. I looked at the comments and saw where some were talking about the possibility that people were having heart problems as a result of having taken the “vaccines” and … Read More

No More “Grandmas”

July 31, 2022By Barry BlissCurrent Affairs/Politics

When I was a child, there was a stereotypical image that would come to my, and probably many other people’s, minds, when someone said the word “grandma”. This was repeated in coloring books, TV shows, etc. Not 100%, but for the most part. The image would be of a woman, maybe 79 years old, wearing … Read More


July 2, 2022By Barry BlissHealth

I saw this message on a shirt today. It was on the back of a shirt a man walking in front of me was wearing. Maybe a cotton shirt, or maybe a synthetic oil based shirt. Either way, it is part of the problem, not part of the solution. You cannot have a world without … Read More

Planning on Leaving NYC

June 2, 2022By Barry BlissMy Life

I moved here in 1999, to make music, and music I made. I’d finally found a job, albeit another low-paying one, that I liked enough to where I had no intention of ever quitting unless I had an opportunity to do something better. After renting rooms for years, decades, I finally was contacted about a … Read More

Show Tomorrow. First one in about 3 years.

May 28, 2022By Barry BlissUncategorized

7:30PM: DOORS 8:00PM: SET 1 – Jamie Frey and the TBD (30 MINS) 8:40PM: SET 2 – Barry Bliss (30 MINS) 9:20PM: SET 3 – Phoebe Krutz (30 MINS) 10:00PM: SET 4 – Jeffrey Lewis and The Voltage 11:00PM: SHOW CURFEW 11:30PM: ROOM CURFEW Sunday, May 29th, 2022 The Broadway 1272 Broadway, Brooklyn

Questions Answered About Humor

May 6, 2022By Barry BlissPhilosophy

My friend in Sweden (I only have one) sent me some questions. “What makes you laugh.” Truth, I suppose. Something so beautifully on the mark that it shows the amazingness of reality. “Who makes you laugh.” Anybody that is honest can make me laugh. “Who made you laugh – but now don’t.” Eddie Murphy made … Read More

EMFs, Wi-Fi, 5G, Cell Phones

April 25, 2022By Barry BlissHealth

What’s the chances that wi-fi signals do not hurt your body? What’s the chances that the research is wrong that shows an uptake of cancers in the very part of the brain where people hold their cellphones, as well as an increase in a rare type of cancer right where some women store their cell … Read More