Good ole Food Stamps

November 4, 2021By Barry BlissUncategorized

I have been unemployed for 6 weeks now, fired for not complying with the “vaccine” mandate. I first applied for food stamps ie. SNAP about 5 weeks ago. I did it online and sent the paperwork to Albany. I was supposed to send the paperwork to a local branch. I discovered this weeks later. My … Read More


October 31, 2021By Barry BlissPhilosophy

I have to say, I thought I’d been doing pretty good lately, in the being grateful for what you have category This video reminds me how much work I still have to do:

Camu Camu. Stimulant? Yes, I believe so.

October 30, 2021By Barry BlissHealth

I’ve read that it is not a stimulant, though it is also purported to be an energy booster (is there a difference?) I am pretty sensitive to such things, and I took a small dose of the powder, mixed with water, this morning, on an empty stomach, and I definitely am experiencing the signs of … Read More

Technology is not my god.

October 29, 2021By Barry BlissPhilosophy

 One should not cater to technology. It is there to serve us, not us it. If I begin typing wrong, because I know it’ll turn out right, I am now typing wrong, to fit in to what technology is demanding I do. This in itself is bad, but doing this also means I retrain myself … Read More

Replace Fauci with Mercola

October 28, 2021By Barry BlissHealth

Fauci has a history of lying and being complicit with the experimenting on animals in torturous ways. Mercola has a history of prescribing natural cures and advocating for prevention of disease as opposed to living a diseased life and then popping pills and getting hooked up to machines. I realize our prison system in the … Read More

I’ll take that chance.

October 27, 2021By Barry BlissHealth

I know that some people might be staying away from an old and sick family member, because they fear they may transmit Covid-19 to them, which might kill them. While the healthy stand very little chance of dying from Covid, even if infected, it is true that the old, sick, and obese are at a … Read More

There comes a time.

October 25, 2021By Barry BlissPhilosophy

There comes a time when one must go ahead and be blunt, and lay all the cards on the table. You may have been conversing with someone for years, skirting certain topics, being vague, all in an attempt to out off the inevitable reaching of an impasse, and perhaps the loss of a friendship (albeit … Read More

China. No kidding.

October 18, 2021By Barry BlissCurrent Affairs/Politics

The incident caught the US intelligence community by surprise, sources say, as it shows ‘China has made astonishing progress on the development of its hypersonic weapons’.” 1. “Sources say”.  The game runs deep. US intelligence would perhaps say this to underplay what advances they themselves have made. 2. Were they really caught by surprise? Maybe. … Read More

Ordinary Man

October 18, 2021By Barry BlissUncategorized

I no longer lie to myself, telling myself that I am special. I now tell myself the truth, which is that I am ordinary. In the end, that is what all humans are, and that is good enough.