There have been blogs I have checked regularly, where, if they did not post for a while, I'd stop checking them, or I'd check less often than I initially was.
 Some people, James Howard Kunstler being one, post on certain days. I always know I can count on a new one by James on Mondays and Fridays.
 Wes Watson posts a new video on YouTube three times a week.
 I have no set schedule for posting, and I know it's been a little longer than usual.
 I have a plan in place, worked out with the help of a few family members, to visit family in Virginia (USA), where 
I am from, in January.
 It has been roughly 30 years since I have seen them.
 I have a whitish beard and feel like Rip Van Winkle, except I didn't drink anything and fall asleep, I've been busting my butt making albums, etc.
 I am always interested in doing the right thing, no matter what that thing is. I am still open to not making this trip, but so far, the trip is on, and I suspect it'll take place.
 One never knows what might happen, but the plan is in place.
 My prayer is: "Lord in Heaven [or Nobody, Kali-Ma, Etc.], grant that I may always know what the right thing to do is, and grant that I may always do it. Amen."
 I'm not religious, but I am spiritual, to the best of my ability.
It makes sense to me.
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