Two people have recently been banned from Twitter. (Probably more, but there are two I know of.)
 One of them is Barrett Brown, a journalist and activist that tends be pro-BLM. He cannot stand Peter Thiel, and he is not a fan of Glenn Greenwald either.
 Great writer, sincere and courageous, and hard to pin down. Sometimes I agree with him, sometimes I do not, but I have a lot of respect for him.
 I wrote a song about him once, and it is on one of my albums.
 The other person I know of that was recently banned is Varg Vikernes, who was once the one and only member of Burzum.
 Varg is very different from Brown. Varg is regularly called a racist and he is one, more or less, but he also is a deep thinker, very sincere, and gives very in depth reasons for believing the things that he believes. 
 I hesitate to say he is a racist, but I am pretty sure even he himself has called himself one. He has said some things I have found quite enlightening andhas said some things I believed to be wrong. 
 One of these men, Brown, is usually considered to be what is called "left-wing". The other, Vikernes, "right-wing".
 I believe neither should be banned, Not only that, but I believe, deep in my heart, that no one should be banned. 
That is an extreme stance, I realize, and I am willing to mildly back down away from it, though deep down in the privacy of my own thoughts, I do believe that total non-censorship is best.
 These guys have contributed a lot fo interesting ideas, and I wish neither had been banned. 
 We do not have to agree with anyone. Why not let them have their say?
Allow white supremacists to give lectures in private venues. I will stay home if I am not interested in hearing what they have to say. That. or I will go, listen attentively, and then walk out, no doubt still convinced that whites are not better than blacks. That is all for me to decide though.
 Elon Musk.
 I find him immature and off the mark on a lot of things. I also admit that I find it interesting that he may buy Twitter. My guess is he will not, but if he does, I admit I believe some changes for the better will be made as a result. Some changes for the worst, perhaps, as well.
 He was (or is) a partner of Peter Thiel's in the sense that they started PayPal. Would he ban Barrett Brown? Brown, who had no problem with the idea of someone assassinating Thiel (unless he has recently taken that back)?
 Note; I have never had a Twitter account. I do not like the idea of sharing that way, personally, but I am a bit hypocritical in the sense that I do read some peoples posts on that platform.
 It may be best if I share my deepest thoughts mainly through songs, in or one on one conversations, but .... you know, I am a little loose with it all. Perhaps that is bad.
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