I’ve read that it is not a stimulant, though it is also purported to be an energy booster (is there a difference?)

I am pretty sensitive to such things, and I took a small dose of the powder, mixed with water, this morning, on an empty stomach, and I definitely am experiencing the signs of having taken a stimulant.

Since I have not taken anything in the morning for months, I have something to compare it to. This is not a subtle thing.
I’m wired, and I look forward to this wearing off.

I bought it for the vitamin C.

Be wary of Camu Camu folks, if you are avoiding stimulants.

(This also means that if you are recovering from anorexia or need to gain weight for whatever reason, this is to be avoided, as it does suppress appetite.)

Addition: This is my opinion and my one time experience. I am not a licensed practitioner of medicine.

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