Link – Seymour Hersh: How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline

February 9, 2023By Barry BlissCurrent Affairs/Politics

I do not know about many journalists, but I have heard of Seymour Hersh. He has a great reputation and has been around for over 50 years. He now has a Substack account, but I found this article reprinted on Scheerpost, the place where Chris Hedges also posts regularly. I found the article interesting. … Read More

House/Senate, Voting Machines

October 24, 2022By Barry BlissCurrent Affairs/Politics

As you have probably seen, there’s all kinds of polls about who will take control of the House and Senate. Some still say Democrats will have it. Wasn’t it polls that predicted Clinton would win? Those polls aren’t worth much. Personally, I believe the Republicans are going to take control over both, and maybe by … Read More

No More “Grandmas”

July 31, 2022By Barry BlissCurrent Affairs/Politics

When I was a child, there was a stereotypical image that would come to my, and probably many other people’s, minds, when someone said the word “grandma”. This was repeated in coloring books, TV shows, etc. Not 100%, but for the most part. The image would be of a woman, maybe 79 years old, wearing … Read More

Brief Thoughts on Twitter

April 14, 2022By Barry BlissPhilosophy, Current Affairs/Politics

Two people have recently been banned from Twitter. (Probably more, but there are two I know of.) One of them is Barrett Brown, a journalist and activist that tends be pro-BLM. He cannot stand Peter Thiel, and he is not a fan of Glenn Greenwald either. Great writer, sincere and courageous, and hard to pin … Read More

In Defense of Comedians

March 29, 2022By Barry BlissPhilosophy, Current Affairs/Politics

Supposedly, centuries ago, Kings (and Queens?) sometimes had court jesters. One of their jobs was to be honest with the King, in a court where most were too afraid to say anything they feared he might take offense at. Also supposedly, the court jester was guaranteed that he (or she?) would not be punished for … Read More