Visit Plans, Etcetera

January 7, 2022By Barry BlissCurrent Affairs/Politics, My Life

After cold feet I am again scheduled to visit family. This time I aim to go. Something happened over there anyway, which would have made it a bad time, but all, far as I can tell, is on track now, though of course, life never stops. I’ve not seen most of these people in roughly … Read More

Julian Assange. U.S. Wins Appeal.

December 10, 2021By Barry BlissCurrent Affairs/Politics

In a CNBC internet article, I read this morning where the U.S. has won an appeal to extradite Julian to the U.S. Weirdly, CNBC refers to Mr. Assange as an “Australian entrepreneur”. If Assange was an entrepreneur, he would likely be a billionaire, like Gates, and the Google owners. He is a journalist and … Read More

In a way, war has been declared on me.

November 17, 2021By Barry BlissCurrent Affairs/Politics

They took my livelihood. I’ve no income. Did they think I’d comply? Did anyone honestly believe that I would take this dangerous “vaccine”? I know, I am just one amongst billions, no one was thinking about me specifically, but I am included in it’s net. Far as they are concerned, I can either obey or … Read More

Kyle Rittenhouse. My current stance.

November 12, 2021By Barry BlissCurrent Affairs/Politics

Note, added November 16th, 2021: The following is not a prediction of the outcome of the court case. It is MY stance. While I have no way of knowing, my guess is, in regard to the trial, he will end up being charged with something(s), though probably NOT murder: Innocent. No human is innocent, in … Read More

China. No kidding.

October 18, 2021By Barry BlissCurrent Affairs/Politics

The incident caught the US intelligence community by surprise, sources say, as it shows ‘China has made astonishing progress on the development of its hypersonic weapons’.” 1. “Sources say”.  The game runs deep. US intelligence would perhaps say this to underplay what advances they themselves have made. 2. Were they really caught by surprise? Maybe. … Read More