New Album, plus Twitter News

April 5, 2023By Barry BlissMusic

 Yep, I have been over on Twitter, posting.  At any rate, I have a new album out. I recorded it with Brian Speaker (SpeakerSonic) at the board, in Brooklyn, yesterday. It was an all day affair, which included a mid-day walk to Whole Foods Market for food and a sit in the sun. The … Read More

I Plan To Record a New Album in About 6 Weeks.

February 25, 2023By Barry BlissMusic, My Life

14 songs, coming in at around 40 minutes total. (Unless something changes.) I’d set a recording date for next week but my go-to man (Brian Speaker) lives in Germany and will not be here until April. A lot of the songs are about current events, at least on the surface, so the sooner the better. … Read More

New Album Soon

November 10, 2022By Barry BlissMusic

If all goes according to plan, I will have a new album on bandcamp on November 23rd, 2022. It is tentatively titled Gone. My go-to man, Brian Speaker will be over here from Germany and he’ll be doing the producing/engineering, as has been the case with my albums for the last ten years or so. … Read More

Questions Answered: More Sidewalk Stuff

February 17, 2022By Barry BlissMy Life, Music

“Is the labelling ”anti-folk” still relevant?”  For me, yes and no. I was never really against folk music, but then maybe none of the others were either. There’s a story about it’s invention, but basically it caught on, and the press used it. The word ended up basically meaning “assertive folk”, or “punk folk”, but … Read More

More Antifolk Questions Answered

February 16, 2022By Barry BlissMy Life, Music

“Would you use the word nostalgia looking back at Sidewalk days?”  Well, if someone is looking back nostalgically, that would be that. If they are looking back in a detached, perhaps clinical way, then it would not.  I don’t claim to have never indulged in nostalgia, though generally I see it as a weakness, not … Read More

Answer to a Question About Sidewalk

February 15, 2022By Barry BlissMusic, My Life

“If one listens to your song Sidewalk (which is an incredible song in many ways), this era seems to have been an important one in your life. If so, in what ways? If not – why not?”  Thank you for the compliment.  This answer will have to be quite broad in scope, and very limited. … Read More