My Instagram and Twitter Account

July 16, 2023By Barry BlissMy Life

Never had either until recently. It’s a bit strange. I put some photos of food on my Instagram page (is it called a “page”?) and somehow some friends, etc. found out about it and “followed” me. Then you have to decide whether to “follow” them back. If you pick some and not others, are the … Read More

My Road To Recovery

May 17, 2023By Barry BlissHealth, My Life

My inner circle know some details, but basically, beginning in around 2019,  I made the mistake of choosing to under eat and I developed anorexia. Over the years, I’ve gotten better, gotten worse, but never really committed to healing, until now. This morning I stepped on the scale, knowing the reading would be low, but … Read More

Twitter, and also, My Claim Against NYC

March 23, 2023By Barry BlissMy Life

I have a twitter page. It is @barrynowbliss. Whether I will keep it up or not I do not know. Maybe. Long story, but in essence I filed a claim against NYC asking for back pay for 13 of the ongoing (18, so far) months I was banned from working due to their shot … Read More

I Plan To Record a New Album in About 6 Weeks.

February 25, 2023By Barry BlissMusic, My Life

14 songs, coming in at around 40 minutes total. (Unless something changes.) I’d set a recording date for next week but my go-to man (Brian Speaker) lives in Germany and will not be here until April. A lot of the songs are about current events, at least on the surface, so the sooner the better. … Read More

Stuff, and a 2019 Journal Excerpt

January 31, 2023By Barry BlissMy Life, Philosophy

I was surprised to find out recently that I do not have a copy of the first CD I released in NYC in 2000. I’ve no digital copy either. As for journals, I have regularly gotten rid of them. Not that I have always kept a journal, but when I have I’ve not held onto … Read More

Telling you here: Glad I Refused Those Shots

September 6, 2022By Barry BlissMy Life, Health

I was reading about a news anchor that had a health problem of some kind, speculated to be the beginnings of a stroke, while on air. I looked at the comments and saw where some were talking about the possibility that people were having heart problems as a result of having taken the “vaccines” and … Read More

Planning on Leaving NYC

June 2, 2022By Barry BlissMy Life

I moved here in 1999, to make music, and music I made. I’d finally found a job, albeit another low-paying one, that I liked enough to where I had no intention of ever quitting unless I had an opportunity to do something better. After renting rooms for years, decades, I finally was contacted about a … Read More

Jesus, Pagans, and Saving it for a Song

April 17, 2022By Barry BlissPhilosophy, My Life

Either most people do not understand what peace, dignity, and love are, or they purposefully choose cowardice and depression. Whether or not the Jesus we have heard of was a real physical figure (more evidence suggests he was than I realized) is, in some ways, irrelevant. it’s the message many have resignated with, along with … Read More

Questions Answered: More Sidewalk Stuff

February 17, 2022By Barry BlissMy Life, Music

“Is the labelling ”anti-folk” still relevant?”  For me, yes and no. I was never really against folk music, but then maybe none of the others were either. There’s a story about it’s invention, but basically it caught on, and the press used it. The word ended up basically meaning “assertive folk”, or “punk folk”, but … Read More

More Antifolk Questions Answered

February 16, 2022By Barry BlissMy Life, Music

“Would you use the word nostalgia looking back at Sidewalk days?”  Well, if someone is looking back nostalgically, that would be that. If they are looking back in a detached, perhaps clinical way, then it would not.  I don’t claim to have never indulged in nostalgia, though generally I see it as a weakness, not … Read More