Answer to a Question About Sidewalk

February 15, 2022By Barry BlissMusic, My Life

“If one listens to your song Sidewalk (which is an incredible song in many ways), this era seems to have been an important one in your life. If so, in what ways? If not – why not?” ┬áThank you for the compliment. ┬áThis answer will have to be quite broad in scope, and very limited. … Read More

Send me your question.

February 12, 2022By Barry BlissMy Life, Uncategorized

If you have a question for me, about my beliefs (or lack thereof), about my punk rock days, about my time at Sidewalk in the antifolk community, or anything else, you can email me at barrynowbliss at gmail dot com. The answer may end up being a blog post. Let me know, when/if you email … Read More

I Have Returned to NYC

January 17, 2022By Barry BlissMy Life

Took an Amtrak train to Virginia. Stayed with relatives. It was the first time I had seen them in about 30 years. It went well, but I had to not talk about my music. My singing/songwriting was a taboo subject. I did not rehearse at all, for 5 days. Not sure how long it’s been … Read More

Visit Plans, Etcetera

January 7, 2022By Barry BlissCurrent Affairs/Politics, My Life

After cold feet I am again scheduled to visit family. This time I aim to go. Something happened over there anyway, which would have made it a bad time, but all, far as I can tell, is on track now, though of course, life never stops. I’ve not seen most of these people in roughly … Read More

Cancelled Visit to Family

December 25, 2021By Barry BlissMy Life

I am not going into it in any great depth. I had family willing to pick me up, house me, feed me, loan me a nice car, all of that. I just could not convince myself that it was the right thing to do. I realize this is risky, in a sense, but I’ve never … Read More

Uncertain Future, Of Course (December 20th, 2021)

December 20, 2021By Barry BlissMy Life

Last night I woke up feeling nauseous and anxious. I also felt like there was a wave of tears building up below the surface. I made it through a phase where I thought I might vomit, and eventually went back to sleep. I struggle sometimes, to know what to share and what not, on a … Read More