Stuff, and a 2019 Journal Excerpt

January 31, 2023By Barry BlissMy Life, Philosophy

I was surprised to find out recently that I do not have a copy of the first CD I released in NYC in 2000. I’ve no digital copy either. As for journals, I have regularly gotten rid of them. Not that I have always kept a journal, but when I have I’ve not held onto … Read More

A Mature and Courageous Person’s Prayer

January 20, 2023By Barry BlissPhilosophy

Mature/Courageous Person: Lord in Heaven, grant that I may do what it is right for me to do, whether it is your will or not. Amen. Immature/Cowardly Person: Lord in Heaven, grant that I may do your will, whether it is right or not. Amen. A mature person does the right thing, even if it … Read More

Answer, in Regards to Transcendental Meditation ™

January 17, 2023By Barry BlissPhilosophy

Part of the question I was asked included the info that it costs between $600 and $800 for a TM™ session, at least where this person lives. I could be wrong about some of this, but this was my off-the-cuff reply: ——————————————————————————————————————- There is absolutely no reason to go to one of those teachers. The … Read More

Beliefs, or Lack Thereof

December 29, 2022By Barry BlissPhilosophy

 1. I do not believe in anything. I believe in nothing. 2. I like a lot of the Jesus story in the Bible, but do not believe he rose from the dead. I believe he now rests in peace, as he deserves. 3. I worship nothing. I have sometimes personified that nothing, calling it the … Read More

Questions Answered About Humor

May 6, 2022By Barry BlissPhilosophy

My friend in Sweden (I only have one) sent me some questions. “What makes you laugh.” Truth, I suppose. Something so beautifully on the mark that it shows the amazingness of reality. “Who makes you laugh.” Anybody that is honest can make me laugh. “Who made you laugh – but now don’t.” Eddie Murphy made … Read More

Different Races

April 20, 2022By Barry BlissPhilosophy, Health

I do not believe that any race is inherently better or worse than any other. While we all may be racist to some degree, I, like many others, strive to irradicate the racism within myself. I do, however, believe that there are differences between races. Different races came about because we migrated to different parts … Read More

Jesus, Pagans, and Saving it for a Song

April 17, 2022By Barry BlissPhilosophy, My Life

Either most people do not understand what peace, dignity, and love are, or they purposefully choose cowardice and depression. Whether or not the Jesus we have heard of was a real physical figure (more evidence suggests he was than I realized) is, in some ways, irrelevant. it’s the message many have resignated with, along with … Read More

Brief Thoughts on Twitter

April 14, 2022By Barry BlissPhilosophy, Current Affairs/Politics

Two people have recently been banned from Twitter. (Probably more, but there are two I know of.) One of them is Barrett Brown, a journalist and activist that tends be pro-BLM. He cannot stand Peter Thiel, and he is not a fan of Glenn Greenwald either. Great writer, sincere and courageous, and hard to pin … Read More

Stream of Consciousness, I Suppose. March 31st, 2022.

April 1, 2022By Barry BlissPhilosophy

Copied from the paper copy: Place me on a planet newly born and allow me a million years to calm down a bit, to re-sensitize, to become content with a simpler set of experiences, to rest from the worrying and hurrying, to laugh off old fears, to re-stabilize, to re-ground, to settle, reply, remember. Technology … Read More

In Defense of Comedians

March 29, 2022By Barry BlissPhilosophy, Current Affairs/Politics

Supposedly, centuries ago, Kings (and Queens?) sometimes had court jesters. One of their jobs was to be honest with the King, in a court where most were too afraid to say anything they feared he might take offense at. Also supposedly, the court jester was guaranteed that he (or she?) would not be punished for … Read More

I Am Against Wild Animals Being Treated As Pets

January 24, 2022By Barry BlissPhilosophy

I used to think to myself, “Pets are slaves.” I still often think this, though there are degrees of slavery and compliance, depending on the case. I have seen where an animal, in this case a dog, can become close to a human (or two) without leashes or rules or bondage. I have also seen … Read More

Covid “Vaccination” and Old Friends

November 30, 2021By Barry BlissHealth, Philosophy

I’ve stated elsewhere that I refused to be “vaccinated” and was thusly fired from my job. Enough said about that. I do not know of but one old friend that did not take the shots. There may be others, but I don’t know for sure. I could be wrong, but it strikes me that people … Read More

Gandhi, Myself, and Non-Violence

November 20, 2021By Barry BlissPhilosophy

I’ve read a lot of Gandhi..his actual writings, and I understand and identify with where he is (was) coming from, but the form a non-violent life takes has to be, is required to be, different for each person.  Gandhi understood, as I do, that technically, non-violence is impossible while living in a  body. You walk … Read More