Show Tomorrow. First one in about 3 years.

May 28, 2022By Barry BlissUncategorized

7:30PM: DOORS 8:00PM: SET 1 – Jamie Frey and the TBD (30 MINS) 8:40PM: SET 2 – Barry Bliss (30 MINS) 9:20PM: SET 3 – Phoebe Krutz (30 MINS) 10:00PM: SET 4 – Jeffrey Lewis and The Voltage 11:00PM: SHOW CURFEW 11:30PM: ROOM CURFEW Sunday, May 29th, 2022 The Broadway 1272 Broadway, Brooklyn

Standard Time, Year Round, Please

March 17, 2022By Barry BlissHealth, Uncategorized

Switching to “day light savings time” year round is being proposed in the U.S. Soon as I saw this, I thought, “No”. From what I can tell, a bunch of scientists are saying “no” as well. This from the Washington post: While no time system will be perfect for everyone, making daylight saving time permanent … Read More

The Revenge of Analog, by David Sax (Book, 2016)

March 8, 2022By Barry BlissUncategorized

This is a book that I am currently enjoying reading. Early on, David discusses the returning interest in vinyl records. He moves on to Moleskin notebooks, film, and board games. That is as far as I have gotten. I do not believe the book contains anything about sound recording using analog equipment, but I have … Read More

Friends (?)

March 1, 2022By Barry BlissUncategorized

Some of my old friends have stopped returning my email(s), knowing I am not “vaccinated”. Some of my old friends have continued to converse with me. When the smoke clears, I will remember who did what.    If sincerely apologized to, I’ll forgive and all will be as before. (I’ve made numerous mistakes, had to … Read More

Send me your question.

February 12, 2022By Barry BlissMy Life, Uncategorized

If you have a question for me, about my beliefs (or lack thereof), about my punk rock days, about my time at Sidewalk in the antifolk community, or anything else, you can email me at barrynowbliss at gmail dot com. The answer may end up being a blog post. Let me know, when/if you email … Read More

Bitcoin, Mars, and Our Future (Part 1?)

January 9, 2022By Barry BlissUncategorized

Bitcoin. Hold it too long and you will end up with nothing, in regard to it’s value. Soon as the power goes out, and especially once it stays out, the only thing left will be all of the damage done by using extensive amounts of energy (coal, etc.) to “mine” this cryptocurrency. I am not … Read More

Blogging Consistency and A Plan

December 18, 2021By Barry BlissUncategorized

There have been blogs I have checked regularly, where, if they did not post for a while, I’d stop checking them, or I’d check less often than I initially was. Some people, James Howard Kunstler being one, post on certain days. I always know I can count on a new one by James on Mondays … Read More

Good ole Food Stamps

November 4, 2021By Barry BlissUncategorized

I have been unemployed for 6 weeks now, fired for not complying with the “vaccine” mandate. I first applied for food stamps ie. SNAP about 5 weeks ago. I did it online and sent the paperwork to Albany. I was supposed to send the paperwork to a local branch. I discovered this weeks later. My … Read More

Ordinary Man

October 18, 2021By Barry BlissUncategorized

I no longer lie to myself, telling myself that I am special. I now tell myself the truth, which is that I am ordinary. In the end, that is what all humans are, and that is good enough.