I've stated elsewhere that I refused to be "vaccinated" and was thusly fired from my job.
Enough said about that.

 I do not know of but one old friend that did not take the shots. There may be others, but I don't know for sure.

 I could be wrong, but it strikes me that people getting these particular shots may be the reason the virus keeps mutating.
Again, I could be wrong, but it's my guess that with no intervention, especially these "vaccines", the pandemic would be over with.

 I could also be wrong about this, but my understanding is these are not even vaccines. That's why I put quotation marks around the word in the context where I deem it warrantable.

 As for Dr. A. Fauci, I defer to Robert Kennedy Jr. who has done more research than I. One can also check out videos by Heather Heying and Bret Weinstein, if interested.

 A friend basically blasted me for not getting the shots, and I blasted back. This brought me war of mind, so I was not pleased with myself .
 Let's be honest, men and women of honor and integrity do not argue back. They allow the other person to have the last word and then they carry on living the life they believe it is right for them to live.

 To everyone I have ever argued with, I apologize. I have the potential to set a better example than that, and I promise to do so, moving forward.

 I believe it possible, perhaps even probable, that those getting these "vaccines" are making the problem worse, not better. I also believe most of my old friends may one day have health problems somewhat traceable to taking these shots. This does not fill me with glee.
 As for children, I do not know who is considering giving a shot to their child, and it is none of my business, but I would like for all of my friends to know that I am a man they can confide in without being judged. (This I will need to prove through action, which I am ready and willing to do.)

 I have no right to judge another person, nor do I have the right to withdraw my friendship, even if they withdraw theirs. That is my stance.

 I could be wrong about everything, but that is always the case. I have a karmic right, and a karmic obligation, to do my best though, and that is what I am doing.
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1 year ago

Great post, Barry. There is a lot of evidence piling up. Even so, a lot of people are acting out of fear, compliance, programming etc. I’ve known you since Thin Lads days so count me among that little list – now there’s two. You’ve always been brave. The bravest thing is to face the truth.

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