The publisher of some of Roald Dahl’s children’s books, including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, have changed words and phrases in the new editions to be more in line with what is considered by them, and some others, to be acceptable in 2023.
  I find this absurd and dangerous in a sense. I am for anyone being able to write anything, so I am fine with these people writing their own books, but this is not their book. Obviously they can do it legally. I suppose the family owns the rights, or whatever.
 Imagine I pass away and 30 years later my songs are scrubbed of everything found offensive. What would they do? Would they even splice in other words in my recordings, taking samples of my voice from other works? Would they destroy all the old stock of BB albums, destroy the digital files, and make these new BB albums the only ones available?
 I say “would they?” I mean will they?
 How prophetic was Orwell?
 How about Patti Smith’s song? Who will own the rights to that when she passes?
 Can you still buy Lou Reed’s recording “and all the colored girls sang….”?
 Will someone be rewriting Shakespeare plays?
 Are these publishers making it clear that this is not solely the work of Dahl any longer?
If I buy the book, and the cover simply says “By Roald Dahl” can I sue for false advertising?
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