I do not believe that any race is inherently better or worse than any other.
 While we all may be racist to some degree, I, like many others, strive to irradicate the racism within myself.
 I do, however, believe that there are differences between races.

 Different races came about because we migrated to different parts of the world, hundreds of thousands of years ago.
 My pale skin and blue eyes and lighter hair (it was almost white when I was a toddler, now it is very dark blond)
simply makes me better at surviving in a certain type of climate and set of surroundings.
  The problem, if you can call it that, with our temporary situation now is that we have cheap energy from fossil fuel, so many of us travel all over the world. We meet all kinds of people from all kinds of places and we fall in love and have children. Many of us anyway. "Us" as in humans.
 I call it "temporary" for the obvious reason that once that cheap oil runs out, people will be more limited as to where they can travel, and how far.
 Due to many factors, I do not see the human species living another 500, 1,000, 5,000, 50,000 years, so this next part may be inconsequential in that sense, but once everyone is stuck in one place again, if no one is of the race/breed that thrives in that particular environment, no one will be perfectly suited for their environment. 
 That having been said, we do travel and any rule enforced along those lines would be abhorrent.
 We are around people of different races, we do intermingle, and so that is that. In a world where everyone travels, many use air conditioning, heaters, synthetic vitamin capsules, etc. this does not usually even pop up on the radar as any kind of problem, but if all that goes away, and humans are still around, and everyone is a hybrid of different races, no one will be perfectly suited to any one environment.
 Not much can be done about this, really, but it can still be acknowledged. It is not racism. The statement is not being made that any race is better or worse than any other, just that a negro/black man, is more suited for West Africa's environment  than a caucasian/white man.
 Everyone is free to mix and have children with mates of another race. That is fine, of course, but once the grid is down, once the cars and oil powered ships are gone, once the planes are no longer in the skies, only a few hardy, physically capable, and adventurous people will ever travel vast distances again. Then, many will not be perfectly suited for their environment (an environment with more toxins, more trash, more plastic, etc.).
 I imagine that as the centuries pass race will become more consistent within a certain area, but again, I doubt humans will survive that long. Men's testosterone levels are dropping and people in general are less healthy, less tough, and less fertile.
 The chemical waste alone, with no other factor involved, will probably be enough to kill us off prematurely.
 You may, or may not, be somewhat desensitized to the filth and man-made noise, and destruction of your environment, but it is real and substantial.
 Of course, EMFs bring a whole other level of unhealthiness to our place of dwelling.
 Wi-fi? Unsafe. Cell phone use? Unsafe.
 Are you honest with yourself? I continue to strive to be.
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