Since America has been, since the end of WW2, the most powerful country on Earth, everyone has copied us and attempted to adopt our ways.
 Where are the Chinese robes? Gone. Xi Xinping wears a suit and tie.
 Sweden was supposed to be so free, but they proved not quite so in regard to Assange.
 America is a to soon be seen short-lived country though. The U.S. has grabbed everything that it can, lying, stealing, murdering, whatever it took, and we also have used fossil fuel as the main energy for it all. Fossil fuel is running out.
 Most Americans take all the credit for our blessings, when really, it is just the geography and our willingness to kill the Native Americans that gave us, temporarily, one of the most fertile and varied, and large, countries on the planet.
 Even with all of that in our (the US’s) favor, we are spiralling down a hole, and not slowly.
 America, land of spoiled brats and ungratefulness, is falling apart.
 If you lived here, you’d experience it. In every store, in every government office, all over, you run into apathy. People know it’s not worth it anymore. A lot have given up.
 Getting someone to help you, while applying for food stamps or searching for a product in a grocery store, is like begging for money. No one is interested, or almost no one.
 Apathy abounds here, as the country, the empire, the once most powerful empire of all time, collapses.
 There are a few that have not given up. There are a few here, that have said “no thank you” to being part of this society, time and time again. They (and I include myself amongst them) are in the minority though.
 The masses are going right along with the agenda. The masses are compliant in the ongoing destruction of our planet. (I’m not perfect, but at least I do my best.) The masses cannot be counted on to do the right thing. I wish this was not the case, but all evidence points to the fact that it is.
 America, whether I like it or not, IS collapsing.
 Few will stand tall. Few will sacrifice their life for the common good. I aim to be one of the few.
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