What's the chances that wi-fi signals do not hurt your body?
 What's the chances that the research is wrong that shows an uptake of cancers in the very part of the brain where people hold their cellphones, as well as an increase in a rare type of cancer right where some women store their cell phone in their bra?
 What's the chances that baby monitors do not impair your baby's health?
 I sleep 3 feet from a modem (on the other side of my wall) that emits a wi-fi signal. I've no control over this. This is the room I rent, that is where the modem is, and the man I rent from uses wi-fi. His ways are common ones, in today's world.
 EMFs. Electric and magnetic fields. 
 Satellites, 5G, microwaves, car exhaust, lower testosterone levels, chronic fatigue syndrome, opiate addictions, irritable bowel syndrome, lymphoma, leukemia, dangerous spike proteins running freely throughout the body, radiation, smog, dirty electricity, it's a wonder any of us can still function (and it is arguable that we do function at anywhere near our capabilities minus the toxicity).
 One thing I know. WE caused it. It is OUR fault.
 We are bombarded and penetrated by electricity and radiation (and man-made noise) pretty much 24/7.
 Honestly, it's all garbage.
 Anyway, Dr. Mercola has a decent book you can check out if you'd like. It is titled EMF*D.
 Not much more to say.
 I'll do what I can, but I must carry on, in this soup of toxicity. It engulfs the planet now. (It's not nice to trees, to have done this.)
 I'll do what I can to lessen the toxicity load, but I can only do so much, and to an extent, I get what I deserve, having aided in the engineering of this world, along with everyone else.
 fuck facebook
 cell phones suck
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