I have been unemployed for 6 weeks now, fired for not complying with the “vaccine” mandate.

I first applied for food stamps ie. SNAP about 5 weeks ago. I did it online and sent the paperwork to Albany. I was supposed to send the paperwork to a local branch. I discovered this weeks later. My application was rejected.

I decided that I’d reapply, in person. I took all of my paperwork and went to a local branch, filled out a new application, was called to the window, and turned in my paperwork. I was told I had everything that I needed and that I’d find out in as little as 2-5 business days.

Nine days later, I returned to ask what was going on. I was told, by the same person that helped me the first time, that they needed more paperwork. I was also told that I did not provide something that I had provided. I re gave them (they scan your paperwork) what I had given them before, but I did not have this latest thing they were requesting, which is a letter from my former employer. “Can you just call them?”, I asked. “No, we can’t call them” was the reply.

I’ve emailed my former employer.

I’ve no idea if this will work. Perhaps it will.

I miss the days when you had a sit down with a case worker. “We don’t do that anymore”, I was told. ‘It’s all online”.

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