As you have probably seen, there’s all kinds of polls about who will take control of the House and Senate. Some still say Democrats will have it. Wasn’t it polls that predicted Clinton would win? Those polls aren’t worth much.
Personally, I believe the Republicans are going to take control over both, and maybe by more than a little bit.
The voting thing is strange to me, and they have made it more complicated, from what I can tell (and maybe on purpose) than it needs to be.
As far as the machines go, the kinds of machines we used in 1972 will work just fine today. I advocate they return to those.
To vote, you should be an American citizen and show ID. Mail-in should not be an option. For overseas citizens, like Marines based overseas, they should use machines same as here, and then relay the outcome to the overseers in this country. For the handicap and bedridden, there should be employees of the state that send out people to take the vote of the few who ask for this service. Many handicap people go to the movies and to their doctor’s offices. They can also go to the voting location, and they should be allowed to skip the line. Like I said, some handicap people can’t make it, they should, if they request, have someone come to their house, check their ID and then take their vote. I’d be fine with these few people being allowed to vote through a government website, provided that was relatively secure and no fraud was involved.
I am not too fond of any of it, but if you are going to have voting, I say keep it simple and keep it to citizens.
I do believe all people that were in prison should be allowed to vote again once they are out. They served their prison sentence, they should be allowed to vote once out, if they choose to.

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