When I saw recently, where an NBA player here in New York was not allowed to play, due to his refusing to get the (dangerous) Covid "vaccine", while simultaneously "un-vaccinated" players from out-of-state teams were allowed to come to New York and play, and when I saw that some people were upset, I thought maybe the mayor would change the rule and I'd be able to return to work.
 Guess what he did. He changed the rule.........for professional athletes.
 Me, a man who has been homeless in the past, a man that put himself through security guard school and paid out-of-pocket for all of the fire-guard tests, etc, and then landed a job making under $17 an hour at a famous museum, am not allowed to return to work, still.
 It has been almost 6 months since I was fired for not being "vaccinated".
 I have been living off of food stamps, my savings, and a thousand bucks my family gave me. 
 The "vaccine" is unsafe, and ineffective. I am 100% glad I did not get it, and I am 100% committed to not getting it.
Once this is all over, I will have been proved right for doing what I did. Whether anyone will admit it, or I live to see it, I cannot say.
 Note to Past Employer: I am interested in returning to work and minding my own business. If invited back, I will not be debating with anyone about Covid. I'd simply like to put this behind me and be able to support myself. I am 56 years old. I need an income.
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