Prison reform, both the prisons themselves and the ways people are sentenced to them.
  Chris Hedges and Dr. Cornell West would be asked to advise, as would others.

 Fauci out, period. House arrest for a year, while things are sorted out. He can live in a mansion, order groceries, etc. He would not hold office.
 Mercola would replace Fauci and others would be asked to weigh in on this Covid catastrophe, as advisors, including Dr. Oz, Bret Weinstein, and Heather Heying.

 Full pardon for Ed Snowden. Snowden offered a job with the NSA, perhaps as it's leader.
 (Ed, from what I understand, has no problem with the idea of governments keeping  certain things secret. He would not be randomly giving out information.)

 All efforts to get Julian Assange extradited to the U.S. would cease.
 Any/All charges would be dropped.

A new advisory team in regard to our dealings and relationship with both Israel and Palestine.
 People asked to to help with this, would include Dr. Finkelstein and Ben Shapiro.

  There is a reason Gandhi and Dr. King did not run for office.
 Both of those men did have ideas of things they'd like to see implemented in their respective countries. Take the above as that from me.
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