I know that some people might be staying away from an old and sick family member, because they fear they may transmit Covid-19 to them, which might kill them.

While the healthy stand very little chance of dying from Covid, even if infected, it is true that the old, sick, and obese are at a significantly greater risk.

Thing is, we ask ourselves, “What is life about?”

Stay away from our dying father, for fear of making him sick, and possibly never see him again, or take that risk and go see him? (This is provided we believe it’s a good idea to visit him, pandemic discounted.)

Perhaps we should leave it up to the sick person.

As for myself, who is not “vaccinated”, if I should fall ill, very ill, and you would like to visit me, do it.

I do not care that you might give me Covid and I might die as a result of that. I am not here to sit around playing it safe, being alone, and then dying of something else. Risk it. I am willing to.

Come see me.

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