They took my livelihood. I've no income.
Did they think I'd comply? Did anyone honestly believe that I would take this dangerous "vaccine"?
 I know, I am just one amongst billions, no one was thinking about me specifically, but I am included in it's net.
 Far as they are concerned, I can either obey or starve to death.
 Do they not see that they may turn people that were willing to stay quiet and work for a low-wage, into revolutionaries?
 Do they underestimate the dormant power within some people? Do they underestimate the number of people that will not comply?
 I NEVER advocate violence. I NEVER do. They are pushing people though. Who is going to allow themselves to be starved to death, or frozen to death?
 The nation may end up divided. Where will I go? Why would I not attempt to move to Texas, especially if they seceded the union, provided they promised that un-"vaccinated" people can work and shop?
 There is going to be war in this country, and though very different from the civil war of the 1800's, family members will divide against one another. Some have already. (Some would have regardless).
 I will be friends with you, "vaccinated" or not, but to my friends that got the shots I ask, "What were you thinking?'
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