A few friends, one a lawyer/songwriter, have been emailing me about this, bless their hearts. They are happy for me.
 It is definitely good, however I was not a city employee. It was the city’s mandate that my employer obeyed however, so I blame the city and it is the city that I’d like to give me back pay. I made about $36K (US) a year BEFORE deductions, working 40 hours a week. I’ve been unemployed for 13 months.
 On November 1st, my former employer is allowed to rehire me. They told me they’d get back to me when/if anything changes. After 11-1, it is private sector employers that will be responsible for what they do in regard to the mandates. Personally, I’d like to see it illegal for an employer to ask you your shot status. (They are not vaccines.) Nor should any employer be allowed to discriminate based on your shot status.
 I hope I can return to work and never have to talk about this at work, to anyone ever.
 The Mayor of NYC says he’ll fight the ruling (that city employees must be given their jobs back as well as be given back pay.) Everyone in power that made these harmful mandate decisions will fight everything that moves against their narrative.
 If even 1,000 city employees are given back pay, that may be $70 million. The Mayor will have to come up with that. From where? Also, what about the 1,000 people that replaced them and now have their old job? You see how expensive this will be for NYC.
 Then, if people like me sue (I’d sue the city, not my former employer)……..boy, what will the city do? It is their fault though, and perhaps they can turn around and sue the federal gov’t to get some of their losses back, saying they were mislead.
 A lot of people are going to cry, “We were mislead”, but that only goes so far. I knew the mandates were dumb. Some others knew it. No, most of them saw an opportunity to virtue signal and gain power and they went with it, on purpose. I’ve no sympathy for their plight now. t is true many people blindly do as they are told, and that includes those in positions of limited power.
 Ideally, I would like my job back, from my former employer.
 Ideally,  I would like back pay, from the City.
 Ideally,  I’d like the city to rent me an affordable housing unit near where I worked, since I lost the chance for one because I was fired. (I had been contacted and asked for my pay stubs.)
 If I have to sue the city, I’d like, again ideally, lawyer fees paid as well.
 Ideally, I want the city to doubly reimburse me. This was no vacation where I knew how it would turn out. It’s been bad, financially and logistically, with no end in sight at times. Many people have spent considerable time attempting to help me during this time. This has not been a small thing.
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