On Monday, April 18th, Jeff Childers posted on his substack blog, titled Coffee and Covid, a list of "vaccine" claims vs. what is proving to be true.
 I cannot personally vouch for the information, since I am not a scientist involved in the research, but it is pretty mind-boggling if this stuff is true, which multiple sources say is so.
 The following is an excerpt. The full post can be found here: https://www.coffeeandcovid.com/p/-coffee-and-covid-monday-april-18?s=r 

1. We were assured the jabs would shut down infections and achieve herd immunity. “You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations,” Joe Biden famously promised the nation.

Fact check: False. The jabs never provided sterilizing immunity, and now the best data shows negative efficacy, meaning that triple-vaccinated folks appear MORE likely to be infected. You don’t need a link for this one, but if you want a reference, just look to the UK’s March report, which includes a nice table summarizing the current state of affairs.

2. They promised us that the safe and effective mRNA would stay put, captured in the shoulder muscle where it was injected. “It’s safe because it doesn’t travel around the body. All the stimulus your body needs to make antibodies happens right in the shoulder.”

Fact check: False. Studies in animals and more recently in human autopsies have shown mRNA can migrate all over the body. What’s the long-term effect of this? Who knows. It wasn’t studied, Pfizer told everyone the novel therapeutic could not escape the injection site. Worse, FOIA documents obtained in Japan showed that Pfizer DID do preliminary biodistribution studies; at the time they were telling us it didn’t, they knew perfectly well that mRNA did travel.

Even worse, it has now become clear that LOTS of jabs are being administered by incompetent staff who fail to “aspirate” the needle before injecting to make sure they aren’t accidentally shooting mRNA directly into a vein. Mainlined mRNA travels throughout the body even faster, maybe in minutes or hours, and could be the reason why some folks experience sudden and serious adverse events after getting the shots.

3. We were ASSURED that mRNA decayed quickly, within hours. “It’s safe because it is an unstable molecule, and disappears quickly after it’s done its job.”

Fact check: Super false. Studies are finding mRNA in the body up to TWO MONTHS post-injection. While it’s true that mRNA is usually unstable, Pfizer and Moderna “stabilized” their versions using a variety of techniques so that the delicate molecules could survive shipping and storage. They overshot the mark, and the mRNA is NOT disappearing quickly. Remember, mRNA is the thing that teaches cells to make spike protein. It literally infects cells, like a virus, and reprograms them to become spike factories.

Significantly, this is VERY different from a normal Covid-19 infection, where natural spike usually clears after a few DAYS. In the words of one study: “The observed extended presence of vaccine mRNA and spike protein in vaccinee [lymph node germinal centers] for up to 2 months after vaccination was in contrast to rare foci of viral spike protein in COVID-19 patient [lymph nodes]”.

Link: [Immune imprinting, breadth of variant recognition, and germinal center response in human SARS-CoV-2 infection and vaccination – ScienceDirect](https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0092867422000769)

4. They promised us that mRNA was safe because it only targeted the shoulder muscle cells and couldn’t possibly infect organ cells or lymph nodes or other tissues.

Fact check: Totally false, not even close. To trick cells into accepting the mRNA payloads, Pfizer and Moderna encased the molecules in a tiny dab of fat, called a “lipid nanoparticle” (LNP). The LNPs make the tiny mRNAs “promiscuous,” meaning they can infect virtually ANY type of cell, such as the inner lining of veins, called the endothelium.

The big problem with this is that a cell infected by mRNA and shooting out spike proteins will be targeted by the body for destruction, just like any other kind of viral infection. The body doesn’t like cells that aren’t acting right and it targets them for destruction with extreme prejudice. Worse, in order to protect the mRNA from immediate termination by the immune system, the mRNA particles were combined with immuno-suppressant drugs called adjuvants. So for about the first week, while the adjuvants are suppressing your immune response, the mRNA has free rein to infect your cells, whichever ones it can get to.

So the end result is that jabbed people have lots of cells “infected” with mRNA and the body tries to destroy all those cells, which the CDC euphemistically calls “clearing them from the body.” Unlike natural Covid spike that only targets a few types of cells (those with ACE-2 receptors), mRNA payloads can infect ANY type of cell. At that point, the body has a HUGE job to “clear” itself of all these mRNA-infected cells, which may explain increased levels of autoimmune problems we’re seeing in some vaccine recipients.

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