Either most people do not understand what peace, dignity, and love are, or they purposefully choose cowardice and depression.
 Whether or not  the Jesus we have heard of was a real physical figure (more evidence suggests he was than I realized) is, in some ways, irrelevant. it's the message many have resignated with, along with the example he set, that matters.
 "Christianity" has too often not been christian, Christ simply being the person Jesus (or any person) was/is when at one with the Heavenly Father (Truth).
 Jesus would not have advocated for the harassing of Pagans, Jews, Nazis, Muslims, PETA activists, or of anyone else.
For one thing, it doesn't work. Even if the person gives in to the threat to be killed if they do not convert, they convert not in their hearts, but only superficially, which, in the eyes of a heavenly being, doesn't count.
 Set the example by loving everyone and everyone will see how peaceful, on the inside, it makes you, and if they seek that inner peace, they will no doubt emulate or join you.
 Pagan temples should have been allowed to stay. The Christians should have built their temples elsewhere.
 As for book burning, as in someone burning the Bible or the Koran, why would you care? If you believe the Koran is holy, treat it as such, but you should not bother with whether others do or not. It is your soul you are needing to save, and it is not your business what other people do.
 For at least 20 years my logo/symbol/flag has been a heart with a flame inside. If someone printed this symbol on cloth and then burned it I would not care. That effects my spiritual life not at all. (The burning of  a piece of cloth with my symbol on it, that is.)
 I believe people that have it backwards, have it backwards on purpose, so as to stay stuck in Hell, because they are afraid of the unknown. There's no way to  find joy other than to simply renounce the fear and move forward.
 I must show everyone what I mean, by living that way. That's my real job.
 Bob Dylan said something once about it being best for him to express his opinions through music/songs, that he was better at doing it that way than just telling people what they are in a conversation, etc.
 Perhaps I am like him, and should save stuff like this for songs, or a whole album.
 Perhaps one loses the inspiration to write a song about it if one posts a blog essay about it. Perhaps not. Perhaps one can do both.
 I do have limited time and limited energy, and need to remember what I am most inspired to do.
What we are most inspired to do is what, if done, will have the deepest and most significant impact. It may also last longer.
 PS ------------ No one has given into fear over myriads of lifetimes, more than I. I am an ordinary man thinking things through with a whole pile of fears to let go of, like everyone else.
      I also firmly believe that, in past lives, I was a burner of women simply for using herbs, I burned down Pagan churches, and I generally did every horrible thing that I now condemn. I, like ever other person, was born with a karmic debt.
 As for the pastor who says, "They crucified my savior", it would honestly be more accurate to say "I crucified my savior".
 None of us are guilt free. We would not have returned if we were.

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