Apparently Neil Young is pulling his recorded music off of Spotify, in protest of them hosting Joe Rogan's podcast.
Goodbye, Neil. "Southern man don't need him around anyhow." (I know. That's a quote from a song written by white people who hung a Dixie flag behind them on stage. I am opening myself up to massive criticism here, I realize.)
 Neil is a joke. A genius musician, but a fool.
 Rogan has been presenting various opinions on various topics for years. His is a welcome and needed service.
 Kudos to Spotify, for picking Rogan over Young (even though they may have money incentives, since Rogan is now more popular than Young).

 You Tube is still allowing Heather Heying and Bret Weinstein to post reasonable dialogue, but they have to be oh-so careful how they do it.

 Rolling Stone magazine, a magazine that used to have considerable merit in regards to real journalism, has of late pathetically insulted Eric Clapton and Van Morrison for speaking out against this particular "vaccine" and the mandates in general.
 In the end, it's Clapton/Morrison that will fair better, truth-wise.

 Roman McClay (I forget his legal name). He killed what, six people? What's the back story?
Was he really a skilled author?
Was he wronged by any, or all, of the people he later hunted down?
What are the facts?
Who will do an in-depth investigation?
 I doubt I can be convinced that he made a good decision, but can those of us that are mature be given the facts, in this case and in any other, so that we can make up our own minds?
 Perhaps there are things we can learn, if informed.

 I see and hear a lot of censorship and a lot of fear out there. Where are the real journalists? Assange is in prison. For now, at least, Barrett Brown, Chris Hedges, and Glenn Greenwald are free (relatively speaking).
 James Howard Kunstler, Jeff Childers, John Michael Greer, Joe Rogan, Brandon Smith, and many others are still being published on the (wo)man-made web. Again, for now, at least.
 Where are the real singer-songwriters? (They may be out there. I am asking sincerely where they are.)

 Society is soft and the masses are running scared, believing all kinds of lies.
 Fire Fauci. Let him have his pension.
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