In a CNBC internet article, I read this morning where the U.S. has won an appeal to extradite Julian to the U.S.
Weirdly, CNBC refers to Mr. Assange as an "Australian entrepreneur".

If Assange was an entrepreneur, he would likely be a billionaire, like Gates, and the Google owners. 
He is a journalist and computer security expert.
 The man has his faults, and other noble humans such as Barrett Brown are willing to point some of them out, but Assange has not lived his life setting up businesses to make money. His has been a life of service. Has he made any money? Yes.
Is he rich? No.
 "Entrepreneur" is disingenuous. A man of his talents and skills would have had no problem accumulating vast amounts of money and staying clear of prison. His was a chosen path, and overall, his actions have served us all.
 Many claims of him endangering lives prove to not hold up under scrutiny. Some may, but of course then we get into the debate of whether or not certain people take on certain risks when they agree to do certain things. In other words, if you are part of a corrupt system, on purpose, for personal gain, who is to blame if you are in fact identified to the public and there are therefore repercussions?
 At any rate, I am not a Julian Assange/Wikileaks expert, but overall, I consider this bad news.
 Assange is being tortured. Torture comes in different degrees, admittedly, but his is substantial and continuous.
 Let me go on record as saying I advocate for his complete release and I advocate all charges be dropped, for good.
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