Note, added November 16th, 2021: The following is not a prediction of the outcome of the court case. It is MY stance. While I have no way of knowing, my guess is, in regard to the trial, he will end up being charged with something(s), though probably NOT murder:


 No human is innocent, in a karmic sense, but in a worldly sense, some are.
 I have not watched hours of footage of what took place, nor have I read thousands of pages of text about it, nor have I watched more than 10 minutes of the trial.
 Nevertheless, from what I can tell, Kyle went there to help, not to hurt.
 He also acted in self-defense, and like it or not, he had the legal right to bear arms.

 As for him crying. I watched that. My take is he was not crying because he was afraid of going to prison. He was crying because he is a human with empathy, and it pained him to think of how he had to kill another human being. This is the sort-of thing people with a conscience do. All of us do. He cried out of love, not fear.

 If Kyle lived in my neighborhood, I'd see it as a plus, not a minus. I also would have zero fear that he would kill me.

 This is my stance, based on what I know. Probably not a popular one here in NYC, where I sit unemployed do to my refusal to get shot up with substances that are not close enough to being safe to even consider putting into my body.
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