“Would you use the word nostalgia looking back at Sidewalk days?”

 Well, if someone is looking back nostalgically, that would be that. If they are looking back in a detached, perhaps clinical way, then it would not.
 I don’t claim to have never indulged in nostalgia, though generally I see it as a weakness, not a strength., and I do my best to remain detached and therefore able to see things as they are.

 (This is all based on my definition, in my head, of the word “nostalgia”. I did not look it up before answering this question.)

“Who’s music from Sidewalk would you recommend checking out, if one haven’t discovered their music yet?”

 Well, different people resonate with different things.
 Some of the best … I say “Some” … were:
Diane Cluck
Toby Goodshank
Dan Penta
Erin Regan
Turner Cody
Regina Spektor
Rick Shapiro (Comedian)
Seth Faergolzia
Linda Draper
Adam Green and Kimya Dawson (solo, and as Moldy Peaches)
That is just my opinion, and a short list at that.
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