I just finished reading the latest post by John Micheal Greer, arguably one of America's most important intellectuals, titled The Unmanageable Future.
 It got me thinking about how many times I have said I knew what was about to happen and been wrong. Most every time.
Whether it was the belief that the rock bands I were in were about to break big, or the belief that my (now ex-)wife and I were going to live in a big house and tour regularly, to.... you name it.
 It's all because of ego, and fear. Of course, ego IS fear-based, so, really, it's all been because of fear.
 No one wants to admit that they have no control over what is coming. I definitely did not want to admit that. I was better than that, I thought. I wasn't though, of course.
 So now, what lies ahead. There's ways to make a good guess, but they are the opposite ways that I used, and there are no guarantees.
 As soon as one single thing changes, all possible futures change as well.
 Perhaps it's best to take things one step at a time. Perhaps that is all one can do, and it's best not to pretend other wise.
 So, what are these ways that one can at least take a good guess. Intuition and humility are key.
 For instance, it is pretty certain that America is going to fall apart, but it's not guaranteed. When/if it does, how will it? Will something major happen at once, or will a million tiny things occur, or both intermittently, or something else besides those two extremes?
 Will states secede the Union? Which one(s)? When? For good?
 The future is unknown, and the sooner people like myself accept that (I finally do, I believe, at least more than ever before) the more we will be able to spot real opportunities when they present themselves.
 No preconceived ideas. That's the ticket.
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