Never had either until recently.

It’s a bit strange. I put some photos of food on my Instagram page (is it called a “page”?) and somehow some friends, etc. found out about it and “followed” me. Then you have to decide whether to “follow” them back. If you pick some and not others, are the ones you don’t pick offended?

I “follow” a few that first “followed” me, but only the ones whose page I can otherwise not see because they have it set to private. That’s right now. By the time you read this I may have changed my mind and done something different.

I noticed with my twitter account that I check it and see if anyone “liked” it or if I got any “impressions”, even though I do not really understand what “impressions” even are.

Dopamine addiction, right off the bat?

This crap is rarely, if ever, good. Social media I mean.

Part of joining was the lack of income I have since I stood up to the bullies in regards to the dangerous and ineffective shots. I was hoping more people would get to know my music, and maybe buy downloads of it.

Loneliness was another motivator, which means I did something wrong, because joining social media is no way to deal with loneliness.

Loneliness comes from being selfish. A selfless person is never lonely. I was not living right. That is why I was lonely.

So, I have an Instagram account and a twitter account. You can search for either or both, if you’d like.

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