If you always are worried about your career and what the masses think
of you, you are always going to go along with what is popular and in
fashion. The “vaccines” were popular and in fashion. These people will
only admit they were wrong, or apologize, if the fad changes so much
that not apologizing will hurt their career.
The whole thing has been built on lies. The effectiveness, the
safety, the place of origin, lie after lie after lie. Someone(s),
Schwab, Bill Gates, the WEF, the pharmaceutical industry, Fauci, knew
most of what we know now (and more) all along.
Here in  the US, Fauci, before Senator Paul, has refused to say
whether he gets kick backs from the pharmaceutical industry. Paul told
him, in Congress, just the other day that if the Republicans get in
charge they are going to change the rules and force him to come public
with all of this. Things like this are why people that used to
not consider voting Republican are now considering it.
Fauci has announced his retirement. My guess is he can see where
things are headed and he wants out, now. It won’t keep him from being
called in to testify, etc., but he won’t have to answer for anything
anymore as the head of any department.
That’s all what it is, but I need my job back, or some job that fits
me as a person.
It has been 11 months.
I have not been writing songs, except making up a few in my head.
Brian Speaker is gone (he’s in Germany), I have no equipment , and it is too loud here where I
live to record. I’d like to get a job somewhere where I can rent a
small house and record my own albums. Actually, instead of a job, I’d
like for a million people to buy my albums, so I have enough money to
not have to go to a job per se.
I’ve been reading books by an author that does not earn a lot of
money. He refuses all government assistance, food stamps (EBT),
medical care…he won’t even apply for unemployment benefits when he
gets fired from a job. (I currently receive food stamps, yet nothing else.) It reminds me of how I was 30 years ago while
living in a tent and getting my food out of grocery store dumpsters. I
asked no one, no person or organization, for anything. My take is this
author considers it a slave mentality, and unmanly, unheroic, to ask
the state, the slave master, for anything. He believes in barbarism as
opposed to civilization. Really interesting to read his take on
things. He and I have some big differences, but in a way, I have never
read stuff I identified with more than his stuff. By the way, he has
written over 100 books.
I’ve made more albums than are on bandcamp. I could possibly make an
album every month, if I had the time and equipment. Easy to say, but I
would not mind being in a position to see if it is true or not.

Addition: Strikes me an album every 6 months, like I did it for years, would be more reasonable, but who knows? Maybe every 3 months? (That is if doing it on small amounts of equipment at home, with only a few tracks, etc. Obviously it can take longer if doing  a full band in a big commercial studio. No plans to do that though.)

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