I never knew much about the man, really. A good friend liked him a lot. I knew that.

I saw him debate Ben Shapiro on Ben’s show and was not impressed. It was pretty bad. Neil evaded issues, made arguments that held little weight, and was simply unimpressive.

I recently saw a clip of him on a show hosted by Patrick Bet David and was again, unimpressed. It’s hard to overstate this. He is much worse than I would have thought. He is a shill.

He is wither lying to himself to quite a deep degree, or just a fearful person lying to the public, who secretly knows the Covid shots are responsible for more deaths than lives saved.

Tyson is also perpetually nervous, agitated, rude, and spastic. All things a person attempting to rationalize a lie are, even when attempting to cover it up. This is not a man that has deep peace of mind. He maybe should not even be called a man. He’s a male.

People like this are a real danger to the public. He is held in great esteem by millions, perhaps billions, and he is off, way off.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

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