When I was a child, there was a stereotypical image that would come to my, and probably many other people's, minds, when someone said the word "grandma". This was repeated in coloring books, TV shows, etc. Not 100%, but for the most part.
 The image would be of a woman, maybe 79 years old, wearing a black dress that went down to her knees. She'd have a broach on and white shirt with a collar around her neck, white hair, probably in a bun.
 "Grandmas" did things the old fashioned way. They made their pies by hand, making their own dough. They used butter, not margarine. They used sugar (usually), and ate oatmeal instead of boxed cereal.
 Grandma would sit and tell you about the olden days, about a war if there'd been one, etc.
 Grandmas, if still able, sewed. 
 That's all gone.
 I doubt that image appears in the minds of children these days.
 As things change faster and faster (exponentially) a person who is 79 may have seen things many young people have never seen, and yet, a lot of the things, modern things, things that are newer (and in my opinion worse) have been around for a while.
 These days, a grandmother may not cook in an oven. She may use a microwave. She may not even know how to cook.
 Grandmothers these days often wear UGG boots, spandex tight-fitting workout pants, eat at Wendy's, drive SUVs, do aerobics at a gym, get botox, and tap away at their Smartphones. Most do not know how to sew, do not garden, do not can food, do not do the things we used to think of as grandmothers doing.
 That's all gone.
 White hair in a bun? Maybe not. A lot of modern old women dye their hair, blonde or brown, etc. Some have tattoos. Some probably on their heads.
 What is interesting is that it is not impossible to find younger people who know more about traditional and more simple ways of doing things than their grandmothers do.
 Some young and middle aged women do can. Some sew. Some make their own sauerkraut.
 While the grandmother may take drugs she buys at Rite-Aid, her granddaughter may use herbs picked wild.  While grandmother may buy sweatshop-made synthetic clothing at WalMart, going on and on about what a great deal it is, the granddaughter may prefer natural fibers, like wool and cotton. Perhaps even organic cotton, and/or cotton grown more locally.
 "Grandma" does not mean much anymore, other than the basic thing that she is someone's mother's mother. That's about it.
 While everyone can adapt, use, and implement newer things into their lifestyle, there's something very disappointing about an older person that not only stops doing things an older, more natural, simpler way, but acts as if those ways are inferior. These are clueless people.
 Absolutely, old people can be just as vapid, just as fad-oriented, and just as clueless as anyone at any other age. A wise old woman may choose to buy a chicken sandwich at Wendy's, but what is more gross than an old woman who yaps away about how a Wendy's burger is better than a home made one, or praises the fact that big screen TVs now exist?
 People that mindlessly go along with the latest trend/fad, people that mindlessly stop doing things that work better and go along with the advertiser's commands, are unimpressive at any age.

 "Grandams" Do you know any? Have you ever met one? Do you even know what I am talking about?

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