Adam Green and Toby Goodshank both have shows at The Sultan Room in Brooklyn tonight.
According to the website where tickets are sold, "vaccination" (for Covid) is required.
 NYC is a crap town.
 I have known Adam and Toby for over 20 years and have played numerous shows with both of them.
To be barred, by law, from seeing their shows, as well as being not allowed to work a job (I have been unemployed for 7 months now) because I refuse to get jabbed with these shots that are not even technically vaccines (at least they were not until they changed the definition) and that I believe are more harmful than helpful, is frankly, crap.
 I wish we were all in Florida right now.
 Good luck to both Adam and Toby. 
 If you are "vaccinated", can afford it, and would like to see them perform, it is The Sultan Room, April 23rd, 7 PM -10 PM. it's around 30 bucks.
 These guys continue to be two of my best friends. I guarantee the vibe of their shows will be positive.
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