I used to think to myself, "Pets are slaves." I still often think this, though there are degrees of slavery and compliance, depending on the case.
 I have seen where an animal, in this case a dog, can become close to a human (or two) without leashes or rules or bondage.
 I have also seen how dangerous that can be, due to automobiles, etc. for the animal, which would be the case whether they were free and on their own or free and hanging out with people.
 That is not what this post is about.
 This is about those rare cases where people attempt to keep wild animals as pets.
 Let me state now, that I am 100% against this in all cases.
Whether it's tigers, chimpanzees, or perhaps birds, I am against it.
 The case of Charla, a woman who in 2009 had her hands and a lot of her face ripped and bitten off by her friend's chimpanzee is what is making me think of this.
 Animals have built in ways they handle situations, and violence is ALWAYS on the menu.
 It does not matter that the wild animal has been relatively docile for a year, 10 years, or whatever. At any time, they can snap and snap you. It's in their nature. Some action you may falsely believe is inconsequential can be seen as a serious breach to a wild animal.
 I happen to be anti-zoo, but as with dogs and domesticated cats (ie. not leopards, tigers, cheetahs, etc.) that is not what this post is about.
 No human should even attempt to own, or have as a pet in any way, a wild animal. That is my stance.
 We need wild animals. They deserve to live and they deserve to live their way. We, as humans, have free-will, I believe. Animals are a different story, running off karma somewhat automatically in my current view. There's room, theoretically anyway, for both, but the two are different. It is permissible for us to kill a wild animal that threatens our child, yet we should respect their right to live by leaving them alone whenever possible.
 At any rate, if you attempt to make a wild animal a pet, beware, it may make their life miserable and they may at some point attack you. They may even kill you and/or your family.
 Never forget, wild means wild. Human hubris can blind a person to the truth.
 Let's all stay humble, and honest.

 PS-I believe that humans can be wild as well, though possibly none are completely. This is different, in my view, in that a wild human has free-will, and can over-ride certain beastly inclinations. "Why call the person 'wild' then?", you might ask, which is a good question. Is it just semantics we are talking about? Not sure, but I see a wild (wo)man as a free (wo)man, in that (s)he is not internally phased by external circumstances, and (s)he is in control of him/herself at all times, and is fearless and able to choose non-violence.
 You do not have to call that "wild", but I currently do.
 Humans are different from all other animals. 
 (Obviously, all of these views are mine, though I don't always state that.)
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