I won't go into every facet of this, obviously, but the price one pays for expressing one's self honestly in a way that can be easily traced to it's source, can be anywhere from miniscule to deadly. Often it may be both, an escalation of danger as time goes by.
 In my case, my real name is Barry Now Bliss. It is not a pseudonym or alias.
 Because that is the case, and I also have a need to pay bills, at least for now, I usually do not discuss my art and am very cautious about discussing my more unpopular views, with people. However, once you know my name you can access most of my Bliss albums online and hear about many of my views, though they may have morphed since the particular album you access was made.
 I do not have a college education, but even if I did, the chances I'd be hired to teach grade school are very low. The chances I will be hired to be involved in child care are low as well. Not because I am not responsible and cannot do it, but because of my views. The list goes on. I've no idea how many jobs I have not been considered for because of my views being accessible. I also cannot tell you how many times I have not applied for jobs, knowing my albums are online.
 Everyone pays a price for honestly expressing themselves. In my case, many of my views are considered extreme by society in general, so, again, the price can be great.
 My views are also mainly why I have not earned money with my music. I know how it sounds, it sounds like an incompetent, delusional, third rate musician is blaming society that he is not famous and wealthy. I am not delusional though. My singing is great. It's a gift and I have worked at developing that gift for over half a century. My lyrics are very good. No problems there. The content. That is it. That is why I am not offered big bucks to perform. That is why 5-6 people buy a new album of mine, when it comes out, and then sales drop to basically zero.
 It's also not because I won't "put myself out there". I have played hundreds of shows, played probably 100 open mics, and my albums are right there for anyone to hear.
 As a youth, in a band, music took priority in my life, activity-wise. I slept in cars and on other people's floors, and took food when offered. As for "paying dues", whatever. I have sang since the mid-60's and have never been able to rent an apartment or buy a car, even when I've worked full time at a paying job on top of doing music.
 An artist is not owed fame or money for doing what (s)he was sent back to do. This is not a complaint. I am fortunate to know what I am good at. (I am terrible at mechanics/engineering). This activity is my main way of contributing, not to the static and noise of society, but to my fellow humans, maybe even all of my fellow creatures. I have a karmic debt to pay, and so far at least, singing has been a calling, not a take-it-or-leave-it hobby.
 To anyone considering making art under your real name, and I mean real art, not the crap regularly placed in museums these days, which is just political grandstanding, and not the songs that recommend a life of callousness and insincerity, be prepared to be despised. Be prepared to possibly have a few worldly successes, along with numerous worldly disappointments. If you are serious about your art, be prepared to be ostracized and eventually murdered.
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