I moved here in 1999, to make music, and music I made.
I'd finally found a job, albeit another low-paying one, that I liked enough to where I had no intention of ever quitting unless I had an opportunity to do something better.
 After renting rooms for years, decades, I finally was contacted about a subsidized apartment.
 Problem is, I lost the job because I refused to take the Covid "vaccination". By losing the job, and being barred by the mayor from being able to work, I lost my chance at getting the subsidized apartment.
 The apartment was on 99th Street in Manhattan, 10 blocks from where I worked and 4-5 avenues from Central Park. Also 12 blocks from a Whole Foods Market.
 Everything, for a somewhat decent stay in NYC, after 23 years of struggles, landed in place, but too late, due to my refusal to be shot up with this concoction.
 I regret NOTHING. I did the RIGHT thing.
 I am proud to say I picked doing the right thing over material success, once again.
 So, I've given the man I rent my room from a month's notice. I am leaving NYC.
I've been using food stamps (EBT) and savings, and a few dollars from my family, for 8 months now, and I am getting poorer by the day.
 I was fortunate enough to be given a show, after over 3 years, by my friend and fellow artist Jeffrey Lewis.
 I got paid. Cash. The show sold out (thanks to Jeffrey, of course). I had a great experience. Loved it. It's over.
 I plan to return to where I was born, with not much more than I left with, which isn't much, but I have tons of great memories, and I have 20 or so albums out there (on bandcamp, basically). I also am now friends with some amazing musicans, and I have the memories and lessons learned from having been married to one of the most interesting women I have ever known or heard of.
 What will I do in Virginia? I don't know. Probably keep making albums. Maybe work at Wal-Mart.
 It may not be all smooth sailing once I get there. My family is not rich and we are not on the same page about everything. 
I am not into being a kept pet and they are not into giving hand-outs. I am not retreating to a cage of gold, I'm simply returning to where I was born and where some remaining family is.
 I am sure they will help me some, and I am sure I will help them some too.
 If something unknown happens, everything may change, but for now, that is the plan. 29 days or so, and I will be gone.
 I changed my move out date to July 31st, 2022.
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