It's my take that the Democratic Party, as an official entity, is in a panic.
They will probably soon lose power in the House and they are almost certainly going to lose the Presidency in 2024.
The more they persecute Trump, the better his chances of winning. Until this FBI raid, I was thinking it more likely that DeSantis would be the nominee in '24. Now, I am less sure. We may see a Trump/DeSantis ticket.
 It did not have to be this way. The Democrats could have nominated someone with decent cognitive ability who had not been a shill his whole adult life. I'm no great fan of anyone that was in the running, but Sanders has at least shown he is a thinking, functioning human being and I do believe he is sincere, for the most part. Yang and Gabbard would have been much better choices, as well.. Biden is just an automaton, a careerist.  I hate the whole system, but within it, I'd like to see someone more along the lines of  Ralph Nader or Dr. Cornel West. I'd rather see Tucker Carlson than Biden, and I'd rather see Trump than Biden as well. Truly, we do not even know who is in charge right now (Obama, in part?), since Biden is practically a puppet.
 It also did not have to be this way because the Democrats could have been more honest and gotten down to sincerely attempting to help US citizens, instead of throwing tantrums and playing games (with our money).
 I am also disgusted with US hypocrisy and shenanigans in regard to Ukraine.
 As for all the threats of imprisonment, especially in regard to Trump, it's not going to happen, but what is going to happen is imprisonment of Democrats further down the line. I expect that if Trump wins in 2024 we may see Hillary Clinton jailed. The game the Democrats are playing will backfire. Do not expect the Republicans to take the high road and just get on with governing and helping the people. They may do some of that, but they will also hunt down those that persecuted them, whether that persecution was warranted or not.
 This may even be the last years of the Democratic Party.  I do not know about that, but I suspect they will be beaten decisively in the next 2 years.
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1 year ago

Watching things unfold from abroad has been very eye-opening. There was a time when politics didn’t enter my field of vision or care. I suppose age and the need for awareness change that. Now, it’s impossible to exfoliate from any comprehensive thought or conversation about America. How ugly and broken this system is. Watching Trump win and then watching Biden win, I sat feeling misled and misunderstanding about what I thought was important to Americans. But I think America loves a good old-fashioned train wreck. That’s all I see anyhow. Reality TV shenanigans and the “Wag the Dog” institution are in full effect. It’s grotesque.

Christopher Hite
9 months ago

Glad I live in Europe….